About Us

About Us

What can be done about the fragmentation of the K-9 security industry?

One company specializes in dogs for Law Enforcement, another private security, and still another for large commercial clients… the list goes on and on. How does someone decide which company to work with? One company might have an international footprint, but not a particular service you were seeking or vice-versa. Shouldn’t there be a way to have the very best expertise of the working dog industry at your disposal, all at once? Now there is.

AMK9 has become the world-class leader in K9 Security Services, Sales, and Training, offering industry-intelligent expertise for Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Commercial Services, K-9 Training, and the latest in K-9 Science and Technology. AMK9 is committed to excellence and exceptional customer service, while offering the best in canine security in a world that demands effective and flexible solutions.

If you are seeking a working dog, training for you and your K-9 partner, or an expert Canine Security Team dedicated to customer attention and finding solutions, look no further.

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“Our customers have other choices, which is why we are focused on providing consistent, quality canines and K9 services. We give customers urgent attention and want to make sure our customers are happy with us day one and well into the future.”