Canine Welfare

Canine Welfare

At AMK9, we take great care in training our canines and always treat every dog with respect and dignity. We believe K9 safety, security, comfort, and well-being are paramount. AMK9 working dogs are trained using Operant Conditioning or positive reinforcement, where the dog is incentivized to perform during a simulated scenario. This method has been proven to be the most efficient training technique in the industry, ensuring peak performance in the field.

Our dogs are fed a well-balanced diet according to veterinary recommendations for maintaining high energy, joint health, and immune system function. AMK9 maintains up-to-date health certifications for each working dog and immediate veterinary access during training and utilization.

K9 detection training is conducted in state-of-the-art facilities overseen by renowned industry-intelligent trainers.


Our Selection Process

Discover our in-depth system that ensures our canines are of the highest quality imaginable.