Implementing the most comprehensive and effective K9 security solutions, at the most competitive rate, is one the smartest decisions you can make for your organization. AMK9 pairs exemplary canines from proven European working dog bloodlines with experienced K9 handlers that have a background in either the military or law enforcement. We guarantee the most highly-skilled and professional working dog teams available.


The addition of K9 detection and dual-purpose patrol services to your existing security program gives you the advantage to extend protection beyond human limitations. Along with being specially trained to detect unwanted contraband and explosives, our bomb dog teams serve as a physical deterrent, which dramatically mitigates risks associated with terrorist threats and crime before they ever become an issue. Because AMK9’s bomb dogs are trained using live aids rather than pseudo-scents, they are able to locate smaller quantities of explosives, contraband, and narcotics.

With AMK9, you can expect the finest K9 teams and the highest quality of service. We will provide your organization safety and security along with the peace of mind you need to run your operations without interruption. Contact us to find out more about our K9 Team security services for Corporations.

Non-Government Organizations

Our Contract Working Dog teams are specialized in detection and have been successful worldwide as a priceless resource for Non-Government Organizations, locating countless Improvised Explosive Devices and other explosive materials intended for harm. AMK9 K9 Detection teams have been invaluable in combating drug trafficking, as well as providing a critical service to disaster response team relief efforts in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

Beyond the ability to provide highly qualified bomb dogs and K9 Detection Teams with the experience necessary to ensure a secure environment, AMK9 has a fully operational infrastructure including strategic international resources and proven logistical performance. For these reasons, AMK9 is able to provide our non-governmental organization clients the finest canine detection teams anywhere in the world, at any time. Contact us to find out more about our Non-Government Organization services.

Past Performance

Call now and find out how you can integrate our canine services into your established security program!

Find out how you can integrate our canine services into your established security program!