Bomb Dogs

Bomb Dogs

We provide realistic explosive detection training for both our dogs and our handlers.

At AMK9 we have a selection of thoroughly trained bomb dogs for sale. We put our bomb dogs through realistic explosive detection training using real explosive materials in training, not simulated scents. 

Each dog learns to detect the unique scent of different explosive materials. By the end of their training, bomb dogs are able to detect approximately 15 different combinations of explosive materials — in trace samples and in bulk samples.
As ‘passive-alert’ dogs, our bomb dogs learn to signal the presence of anything suspicious by assuming an unassisted ‘sit’ position near a suspected explosive device. During our explosive detection dog training, we painstakingly recreate the scenarios and situations bomb dogs are likely to encounter when they are working in the real world.

An AMK9 bomb detection dog will confidently work in any location, regardless of distractions, such as:

  • Airports and Public
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Ports of Call
  • College Campuses and Public Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Combat Zones
  • Large Event Venues

AMK9 bomb detection dogs are prepared for the job, and have been successfully put to the test throughout the nation, and across the globe.