K9 Cargo Screening Solutions

TSA-Certified K9 Cargo Screening Teams

Canine (K9) cargo screening teams and technology can increase your productivity, reduce your costs and move cargo through your facility in less time. AMK9’s experienced canine and handler cargo screening teams combined with TRACK, our cloud-based tracking technology, will help you meet TSA regulations. With immediate access to data, you can quickly provide compliance reports when needed. Our experienced canine and handler cargo screening teams combined with TRACK, our cloud-based tracking technology will help you meet TSA regulations and quickly provide compliance reports when needed.

Implementing canine technology will lower your overall screening costs without sacrificing safety. Other screening technologies are expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive and subject to frequent false alarms.

Move more cargo faster: Move more cargo through your facility each day with AMK9’s faster and more accurate screening methods effective with many types of cargo configurations, from pallets, skids and ULDs to loose or bagged cargo.

Improve instead of phasing out: Stop using expensive screening technologies that can be phased out. Instead, canines continuously learn and improve their catalogue of scents, making them more valuable as they work.

Lower labor costs: K9 cargo screening teams allow you to decrease man hours and time spent on breaking down and then re-palletizing cargo, thereby cutting the amount of time necessary for the screening process.

Reduce fines: Reduce your liability by transferring the chain of custody to us.

We’ve been creating screening programs for customers for over 15 years. With our explosive detection dog teams (EDDTs), we can develop turn-key screening solutions to fit unique needs across the globe.

Security Beyond Human Limitations®
cargo screening canine (K9) searching packages

TRACK Web-Based Application
– Technology to Ensure Compliance

Your data is key to an effective and efficient TSA compliance process. AMK9's proprietary, cloud-based Tracking, Reporting, Analyzing Cargo K9 System (TRACK) was developed to make that process simpler. TRACK was designed to meet TSA's Certified Cargo Screening - Canine (CCSP-K9) regulations and the individual operational needs of your fast-paced cargo environment.

TRACK was created by AMK9 and Constellis IT security specialists to offer flexible and adaptable data collection and reporting solutions. Our Application Programming Interface (API) specialists can integrate systems customers are already using for a seamless program implementation. TRACK's customized reporting sends automatic notifications, reminders and reports based on individual preferences and requirements. The platform’s reliable, encrypted web-based program allows you to access your account from anywhere with mobile site mode scaled to your device.
infographic showing AMK9 web-based TRACK application benefits

AMK9 Commitment to Excellence

AMK9’s requirement for high standards means we only accept handlers with a minimum of two years of experience as K9 handlers in the military or law enforcement. Additionally, our canines come from premiere working dog kennels and go through extensive initial imprinting with our trainers who then select only the best detection canines to move forward in training.

Our primary K9 training facility is located on our 3,600-acre ACADEMI Training Site in Moyock, NC. Our K9s train in real-world environments with cargo staged for screening in replication of customers’ facilities, including distractors during screening such as working forklifts, personnel moving crates and loading of ULDs.




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For more information about AMK9’s Cargo Screening Program, please email k9@constellis.com or call us at (252) 435-2488.