Drug K9 Detection Teams

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Security Beyond Human Limitations

  • AMK9 is the industry leader in providing drug detection dog teams, also known as drug dogs or drug sniffing dogs.  AMK9 is licensed by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to maintain actual narcotics for use in conducting realistic on-site training. This authorization facilitates our continuous ability to conduct proficiency and reinforcement training under actual operational conditions at any client duty location, any time of the day. This ability affords our clients the utmost level of K9 team proficiency.

AMK9 drug dogs are individually hand selected
Drug dog and K9 handler searching a stadium

  • AMK9 drug dog teams are able to find even trace amounts of completely hidden narcotics or narcotic residue. Illicit drugs used during the AMK9 training process include:
    • Heroine
    • Cocaine
    • Marijuana
    • Methamphetamines, and chemical derivatives.
  • Drug detection K9 teams are typically used by law enforcement officials to search buildings, vehicles, cargo, luggage, and/or any location suspected of containing illegal substances.