Explosives K9 Detection Teams

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The most effective countermeasure available for explosives detection.

AMK9 Explosive Detector Dog (EDD) teams provide a strong visible and psychological deterrent against criminal and terrorist threats. EDD teams are the most effective countermeasure available for explosives detection. The EDD teams, each comprised of a dog and handler, conduct searches for a variety of explosive materials near building exteriors, secluded areas, security checkpoints, vehicles, packages, and pedestrians in and around assigned facilities. Explosive Detector Dogs are also known as bomb dogs or bomb sniffing dogs.

Strategic and Preventive Tactics
EDD teams play a critical role in AMK9’s comprehensive preventive security measures by supporting strategic explosive detection activities. They also provide immediate and specialized response to bomb threats and unattended packages or other such dangerous items. Most often, these detection activities allow the EDD teams to detect or quickly rule out the presence of dangerous materials and allow the client to continue operating with minimal or no interruption.


AMK9 bomb detection dogs are prepared for the job, and have been successfully put to the test throughout the nation, and across the globe.